Illinois Tollways Rolling Out New Decals To Replace Transponders

“The Illinois Tollway is continuing to adopt new tolling technology as it evolves, and I-PASS Sticker Tags mark the latest development in toll collection,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Cassaundra Rouse. “Sticker tags are being adopted by toll agencies across the country and by the Illinois Tollway as they provide a convenient, reliable and less expensive travel experience for our customers.”

By the end of January, I-PASS Sticker tags will be available at customer service centers at the Tollway’s headquarters and oases. Later on in February, customers will be able to pick up I-PASS Sticker Tags at Jewel-Osco stores and Road Rangers, in the Rockford area, as well as order online. The Tollway also plans to offer stickers at the Chicago Auto Show next month.

The introduction of I-PASS Sticker Tags is being done in coordination with other E-ZPass agencies and will ensure that beginning in 2024 our customers have continuity in service wherever they travel in the 19 states that are a part of the E-ZPass consortium.

There will be no deposit fee for the I-PASS Sticker Tags. For customers with current transponders, the $10 transponder deposit will be applied to the I-PASS customers account once a new I-PASS Sticker Tag is registered to the account.

When customers receive I-PASS Sticker Tags, they will be able to add the new Sticker Tag number immediately to their new or existing I-PASS account via the Official Tollway App, website or phone. Once registered to the account, the I-PASS Sticker Tag will be ready for use on the Illinois Tollway and within 24 hours on the Chicago Skyway or other E-ZPass roadway.

Existing transponders will continue to work as designed on the Tollway and our E-ZPass partners’ facilities. Customers will not be required to switch an I-PASS Sticker Tag as long as they have a working transponder.

Toll rates, whether with the I-PASS Sticker Tag or traditional transponder, remain the same for cars.

The I-PASS Sticker Tags should not be moved between vehicles. Because I-PASS Sticker Tags will be available without a deposit, customers can obtain Sticker Tags for each vehicle tied to the same I-PASS account at no additional charge.

I-PASS Sticker Tags use radio frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with toll collection technology.

I-PASS customers should dispose of old transponders in an environmentally sound way, not discarded in the trash.