The investigation into fetal remains at a home in unincorporated Will County is concluding in Illinois but is now headed to Indidana. A press conference on Thursday afternoon with Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley, Will County Coroner Pat O’Neil and Will County State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow informed the public that the Indiana Attorney General’s Office will be taking over the investigation but as the State’s Attorney shared, everyone has been paying attention to this case including former Indiana Governor and Vice President Mike Pence.

It was late last week that the attorney representing the family of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer notified authorities of the discovery of over 2,000 medically preserved fetuses inside the doctor’s Unincorporated Will County home. Klopfer operated an abortion clinic out of South Bend, Indiana for close to 40-years before his license was suspended in 2015 for failing to exercise reasonable care and improper documentation. Klopfer passed away on September 3rd. The State’s Attorney also told the public that the remains, which are still in Will County, will soon be transferred.

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