Inwood Athletic Club’s motto this holiday season is “No Gain, Maintain.” You still have time to take part on this contest if you weigh-in today between 4 and 6 p.m. Inwood Nutrition Supervisor Gloria Dollinger explains the contest. She says, “to maintain your weight within one pound either up or down to qualify for the grand prize.” Dollinger says the more accountability people have the better people will do with the program. Some tips for succes:

  • start the day off with breakfast so you aren’t starved by lunch and overeat on sweets at holiday parties
  • do something active everyday for about 20 minutes – walking is a good choice
  • weigh-in weekly

Participants are encouraged to track their own progress by weighing in each week. No registration is required. Private weigh-outs will be held on Monday, January 6th in the morning and afternoon. The grand prize is a 6 month membership to Inwood and three lucky participants will receive a 3 month membership to Inwood. Those who weigh in weekly will be eligible for a weekly drawing of 10 park dollars. All those who qualify will be part of a random drawing.