Despite the controversy surrounding the proposed NorthPoint project and its generational impact, the city of Joliet is charging ahead with a vote the day after Easter Sunday at a ‘virtual meeting’ that presents enormous hurdles to guarantee the due process rights of affected residents. In fact, residents affected by the proposed project already claim the city of Joliet has failed to give proper notice of the hearing and vote. With 11,000 Will County residents lacking basic internet access, not all concerned parties will be able to access the ‘virtual meeting’ to make their concerns heard, effectively depriving them of due process in deliberations.

“The flagrant disregard for the true spirit of a public hearing is palpable. Joliet is doing the bare minimum with no regard for the legitimate concerns of affected property owners or their right to due process. The first virtual meeting was fraught with audio issues and one call to a commenter failed to result in a connection — what makes Joliet think this public hearing will fare any better?” said Stephanie Irvine of Just Say No to NorthPoint.

WHO: Just Say No To NorthPoint, Sierra Club Illinois, Will County Board Member Herb Brooks, Warehouse Workers for Justice

WHAT: Emergency Press Conference On Joliet NorthPoint Vote

WHERE: (Zoom Meeting Information Below)

WHEN: Friday, April 10th, 12pm

Further stoking fears of disenfranchisement, the city of Joliet has set the hearing with less than one week’s notice for a meeting the day after the Easter holiday. In addition to the short notice, the city is requiring ‘participants’ to register online by 5:30pm the evening of Easter Sunday in order to participate. Those who register will be called by the city of Joliet but after 4 rings of the telephone, they will lose the chance to publicly comment with no regard for potential technical difficulties. Residents worry the process for the meeting will set a dangerous precedent for other municipal bodies during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.

Property owners, workers, and religious leaders lay out their grievances, give a legal update and plan of action at the press conference.

Speakers Include:

  • Nick Ruettiger, Property Owner affected by proposed development and member of Just Say No To NorthPoint

  • Herb Brooks, Will County Board Member and Pastor of St. John M.B. Church

  • Stephanie Irvine, Leader of Just Say No To NorthPoint

  • Pastor Warren Dorris, Prayer Tower Ministries Church of God in Christ

  • Stacy Meyers, Attorney and Lead Counsel at Open Lands

  • Zoom Dial-in Info