Joliet City Council Hears Plans Regarding The Former Evergreen Terrace

On Tuesday, the Joliet City Council heard a presentation on plans for the possible redevelopment of the site formerly known as Evergreen Terrace, now known as RiverWalk Homes.

The city of Joliet is eligible for $77 million in tax credits for the project. The city has not yet agreed to the tax credits with the possibility of redeveloping the site for alternative purposes.

The redevelopment plan would see the number of housing units dropped from 356 to 177 units. A current agreement with the federal government expects the city to maintain at least 115 low-income housing units on the former Evergreen Terrace site.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development spoke at the meeting. HUD representatives said they expect Joliet to follow through with the redevelopment plan as part of the city of Joliet’s agreement with the federal government back in 2017.

If the city did not move forward with the redevelopment plan there is the possibility of litigation with federal agencies.