The Joliet City Council will be discussing security upgrades for a city owned apartment complex at Monday’s pre-council meeting. The city of Joliet and Holesten Real Estate Development Corporation have been working together in operating and managing the Riverwalk Apartment complex. The sight of the Riverwalk Apartment Complex had previously been the home of the Evergreen Terrace Housing Complex.  Holsten Management has been operating the facility since September 29th of 2017. Holsten approached the city in February of 2018 to work together to find a new security firm for the complex as Holsten felt a change was necessary.

After a bid process the city and Holsten entered into a one year contract with the Benford Protection Group on September 4th of 2018. It is now being recommended to the council that the contract with the Benford Protection Group be extended for two years with hourly increases of 2.5%. The recommendation is being made on a variety of factors included BPG’s working relationship with the Joliet Police which has resulted in fewer issues at the property according to city council memos. The funding for the new two year contract will come through the Riverwalk LLC partnership between the city of Joliet and Holesten Real Estate Development.

The Joliet Public Safety Committee reviewed the matter on September 3rd and recommended the approval of the new two year contract. The City Council on the whole voted on September 3rd to table the item and will now discuss the matter at their meeting on September 16th. The two year contract, if approved, would be retroactive to September 1st and is not to exceed $650,000 annually.

The Joliet City Council Pre-Council Meeting will take place on September 16th at 5:30pm at the Joliet City Council Chambers.