Joliet City Councilwoman Jan Quillman still doesn’t know what she did wrong to warrant an ethics investigation. Until her laywers demanded it, she had no access to a report by an independent law firm. It stems from a conversation and accusation by Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk who said that Joliet Sgt. Lindsey Heavener was drinking while on duty during the Fiesta en la Calle event in downtown Joliet in September. Quillman says she listened to the accusation made by the mayor but then didn’t do anything about it in September, and in fact went home with her husband. Then she finds out that there is an ethics investigation against her. In order to exonerate her the full city council has to vote on the matter but she says they don’t even have a report by the law firm of Ancel Glink. Quillman says after reading a report by Joliet Police Chief Al Roechner, her name did not appear in the report and nor did she tell anyone about the drunken accusations.

The Sgt. was found to have no alcohol or drugs in his system.

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Joliet City Councilwoman Jan Quillman in studio with Scott Slocum at WJOL