Joliet City Manager Resigns

WJOL has learned the Joliet City Manager Jim Capparelli has resigned. The following state was given to the media from Mayor Terry D’Arcy.

Mr. Capparelli wanted to extend his contract beyond his end date of July 12th and he was well aware the City was going to do a search for a City Manager and he was welcome to apply.  The City Council made him an offer to continue working during the search.  Mr. Capparelli made a counteroffer to the City Council and the offer was rejected.  This morning, Mr. Capparelli gave me his resignation.  He has told me on several occasions that he has other offers, so we thank him for his service and wish him well in his future endeavors. In the interim, Finance Director Kevin Sing will fill in for Mr. Capparelli.

Capparelli was hired January 8, 2021