Joliet Councilwoman Says She Was Accused Of Crime And Wants To Set The Record Straight

Joliet City Councilwoman Bettye Gavin is defending herself. Speaking with the Scott Slocum show, she says at a council meeting last week, she was accused of a crime in regards to a retirement agreement with outgoing, Deputy Chief, Darrel Gavin which is her nephew. The councilwoman was accused by a resident of working out a compensation deal with City Manager Jim Capparelli for her family member and she wanted to set the record straight.

Gavin also reacted to a letter sent by by former City Manager Jim Hock. He defended his reputation and integrity after he read in the Joliet Patch, that current city manager Jim Capparelli said it was Hock who negotiated some of the bloated retirement bonuses. Hock strongly denies that.

When asked who she thinks is pulling the strings Gavin says it comes from the Mayor as she says, “Nothing happens at City Hall without the mayor’s stamp of approval.” Read Hock’s letter below.

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