Joliet Fire Department Dealing with COVID-19 Outbreak

The Joliet Fire Department is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak and have instituted new measures to quell the spread. Joliet Fire Chief Greg Blaskey says while some have returned to work at least one was hospitalized.

He tells WJOL that at least one of the firefighters came to work asymptompic and unbeknownst to them spread the virus.

The chief says the COVID outbreak has had no impact on their operations other than a slight increase in overtime. They have used current staffing as they have over the last several years. There are 198 firefighters on shift and on staff a total of 206 within the department. All firefighters must wear a mask 24/7 unless eating.

Blaskey adds that there is spike in community spread and hopes people are adhering to the precautions sets out by the CDC including wearing a mask, social distance and wash your hands. At the beginning of October in the City of Joliet were were 170 cases and that number has up to 419 cases as of October 21st.