UPD: Joliet Fire Department Respond to Fire Blaze Near Intersection of Rt. 53 and Scott Street

Joliet fire department was called for a building on fire in the woods of the old steel mill property on Wednesday, October 14th at 4:34 p.m.

On arrival there was a large fire burning in a two story wooded old commercial water cooling unit that served the vacant US Steel property . The fire was next to a 400×600 building that was not involved in the fire. The embers from this fire started several large brush fires throughout the forest preserve along the Des Plaines River including the BNSF rail yard. Access to these areas were very restricted.

Elwood and East Joliet fire departments sent their brush trucks to the scene to assist in extinguishment. These brush fires ranged from Scott Street on the south all the way to the Lockport/Joliet boarder.

Crews were on the scene for three hours. There were no injuries to report.

The cause of the fire in under investigation.

original story below:

WJOL has learned of a fire on the northside of the intersection of Rt. 53 and Scott Street. First responders are on the scene. This is a developing story, stay tuned to WJOL for updates.