Joliet Firefighter/Paramedic Awarded The Lockport Fire District Award for Exemplary Action
On Friday April 12th 2024, the Lockport Township Fire Protection District hosted their 18th annual awards ceremony and recognition banquet at Mistwood Golf Course in Romeoville where Joliet Firefighter/Paramedic Dominic Minnito was a awarded the Lockport Fire District Award for Exemplary Action for his off-duty actions of pulling victims out of a burning vehicle that were involved in a motor vehicle accident without the use protective equipment.


This award is intended for citizens or other individuals who have performed an act of unusual character requiring initiative or ability worthy of special recognition or any other outstanding acts or achievements. 


Joliet FF/PM Dominic Minnito


“At 1403hrs on November 11th, 2023, Lockport Fire Company #2 was dispatched to the scene of a head-on motor vehicle accident involving two vehicles at the intersection of Gaylord and Burbank in Crest Hill. The CAD notes stated that one of the vehicles was on fire, and there were victims still trapped in vehicles. JFD Firefighter Dominic Minnito was already on the scene when Lockport Fire Company #2 arrived, and advised the officer, Lt. O’Connor, that all occupants were out of both vehicles, and both were ALS patients. FF Minnito gave his report and left the scene shortly after.


Later Lt. O’Connor was told that FF Minnito was the one that had pulled the driver out of the burning SUV to safety, without personal protective equipment.


FF Minnito, while off-duty, disregarded his own safety in order to save the life of a stranger. In addition to the rescue, FF Minnito accurately triaged the patients prior to arrival of Lockport Companies. FF Minnito’s actions are a credit to himself and the Joliet Fire Department.”  (Read at the award ceremony)