Joliet Inspector General Recommends Criminal Charges Against Former Joliet Police Officer And Ex-Deputy Chief

With just five weeks to go before the April 4th election for Mayor and City Council, Joliet’s Inspector General has filed his report recommending criminal charges against former Joliet Police Chief Al Roechner and ex-Deputy Chief Marc Reid. The Illinois State Police concluded that Reid and Roechner had a plan to bring false charges of intimidation against Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk.

In November 2020, O’Dekirk was accused of blackmailing Joliet City Councilman Don “Duck” Dickinson regarding supposed lewd photos of Dickinson.

The findings concluded that Donald Dickinson attended a November 1, 2020, meeting hosted by then Joliet Chief of Police Alan Roechner at Roechner’s residence. The purpose of this meeting was to conspire to falsely allege Mayor O’Dekirk committed the crime of intimidation of Dickinson.

The report also recommend Councilman Patrick Mudron be reprimanded and censured by the Joliet City Council for his involvement in the November 1, 2020 meeting and for his failure to stop and expose false allegations against Mayor O’Dekirk.

Furthermore the report says the Joliet City Council publicly condemn James McFarland’s role in this conspiracy and that reporter Joseph Hosey follow the journalistic principles of seeking and reporting the truth, and transparency and accountability.

The report states that Hosey was at the November meeting and failed to report that in his story on November 2nd, 2020. Click the image below for the full report.