Joliet Man Arrested After Damaging Police Car and Making Threats

A 37-year-old Joliet man was arrested on Wednesday evening after allegedly damaging a Police Cruiser and then refusing to cooperate with officers. It was 6:35pm that officers were sent to the 200 block of Wilcox Street after receiving a call of an unwanted person at a residence. When Police arrived they found Daniel Brian Norris Jr., standing next to a squad car that appeared to have been damaged. Norris then made comments to officers stating that he had purposely damaged the vehicle and was then taken into custody. While being transported to the Joliet Police Department, he began kicking the inside of the squad car. Norris then refused to exit the squad car at the Joliet Police Department and repeatedly made comments about killing police officers. Norris refused to cooperate with booking procedures and was transported to the Will County Jail. He has officially been charged with Criminal Damage to Government Supported Property, Obstructing Justice, and Obstructing a Peace Officer.