Joliet Man Arrested After Repeatedly Calling 911

Repeatedly calling 911 led to the arrest of a 31-year-old Joliet man. On January 23rd at 1:00pm the Will County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Anthony Apostolou who told authorities that woman in a Joliet Township home was going to harm herself and that deputies needed to conduct a welfare check. Upon arriving on the scene the woman told authorities that the claims were false and that Apostolou had been calling her continuously regarding child custody issues. A review of 911 records showed that Apostolou had in fact called 911 multiple times over the past few days. An investigation of the woman’s residence showed that she was not going to harm herself and that the children in her care were properly treated. While still on the scene at the residence, deputies spoke on the phone with Apostolou and explained to him that continuous calls to 911 could lead to charges being filed against him. Apostolou stated that he understood the officer’s explanation but while deputies were still on scene, they received notice from 911 dispatch that Apostolou had just placed another call and asked for a welfare check. Deputies located Apostolou at a Joliet motel and he was taken into custody and arrested for felony False Report of an Offense and felony False Complaint to 911.