Joliet Mayor Asks Residents to Help Support Family in Need – WJOL Reporting The Esters/Nance Family as Tight-Knit

More information is being released about the Ester/Nance family that were shot to death on January 21st. WJOL has learned that the family was taking care of 31-year-old Johsua Nance who was in a vegetative state. The mother, 47-year-old Tameaka Nance was a registered nurse and three young sisters attended JJC, Joliet West High School and Hufford Jr. High.

Joliet Mayor Terry D’Arcy is asking residents and businesses in the city to help raise funds by this Saturday to cover funeral expenses for the family members of those killed on Sunday, January 21st

Members of the Esters and Nance families are dealing with the unexpected loss and grief of losing seven loved ones who lived in the city along with the burden of trying to pay for their funeral expenses. 

According to police, the seven family members were killed by a relative Romeo Nance, who then killed himself in Texas.  The individuals were identified as Christine Esters 38; William Esters, 35; Tameaka Nance, 47; Joshua Nance, 31; Alexandria Nance, 20; Alonnah Nance, 16; and Angel Nance, 14. 

“These murders were senseless, and shocked our entire community,” stated D’Arcy.  “We may be a city of roughly 150,000 residents but we are a close-knit community, and we are all grieving with their family.”

The tragic story has made national headlines including a mention by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden in a statement last week. 

D’Arcy stated residents and business owners have called his office asking what they can do to help so he is doing what he can to raise awareness and bring financial resources to the family by this weekend.  

“They need about $50,000 dollars and to date they have a little under $20,000 so every donation is welcome. Joliet residents have some of the biggest hearts in the region and now we can pull together and help one of our own,” added D’Arcy.

Those interested in making a donation can visit the Go Fund Me page created by Cara Esters at