The political war at Joliet City Hall continues with both sides reaching out to WJOL. Scott Slocum said that the ouster of Marty Shanahan as Interim City Manager was a statement by some city council members that they are not happy with the job that Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is doing and they feel they have very little input. When the mayor heard that on WJOL, he responded with this statement

“Referendum on me? Tell whoever is saying this that they should have put their names on the ballot and ran against me instead of screwing over Marty Shanahan the people at city hall and ultimately the people of Joliet.”

Meanwhile, Joliet City Councilman Pat Mudron who voted against O’Dekirk on the city manager issue, was the target of a political mailer sent out by the mayor. In the mailer, the mayor says that Mudron voted against the Waste Management agreement costing Joliet residents millions of dollars but Mudron sent an e-mail to WJOL with official paperwork from the city council meeting saying that he voted “yes” to the Waste Management deal.

The battle rages on, with he said/he said.

Reporting with Scott Slocum