Joliet City Council voted 5-4 last night for a $200,000 settlement over a wrongful termination suit brought by former corporation counsel for the city of Joliet Marty Shanahan. No vote yet on the next Joliet City Manager, expected to Joliet attorney Jim Capperelli. Interim City Manager Jim Hock’s last day is this Friday, but after city councilmen and women wished everyone a happy new year and was positive for this year, Mayor Bob O’Dekirk reflected on the coverage the city council received in 2020.

O’Dekirk said, “for some reason, and we may be responsible as a group for bringing the negativity on our selves, but there’s a lot of negativity in the local media about everything that city government does,” O’Dekirk says that’s not accurate picture.

He also thanked Jim Hock for his service to the city.