Joliet Park Board Member Tells WJOL She “Never Had Intimate Relationship with Joliet City Councilman”

Last week it was announced by Joliet City Councilman Don “Duck” Dickinson that he had filed a police report in which Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is accused of blackmailing and harassing the Councilman over nude photos that Dickinson said was sent to another consenting adult. The police report filed lists that consenting adult as Joliet Park Board member Jennifer Jobe-Gavin. Gavin is telling WJOL however that she has “never had an intimate relationship with Councilman Dickson.”

Jobe-Gavin goes on to say that Dickinson made libelous and malicious statements in various media outlets and that she has been left with no other option but to move forward with litigation against Dickson and other members in the community who have made false statements about her character and conduct related to the incident. Jobe-Gavin also tells WJOL that earlier this summer she actually informed Councilman Dickson that she was withdrawing her endorsement for his re-election bid for Council-at-Large in the April 2021 election. Dickson has since announced that he would not be seeking re-election in the April race. Mayor Bob O’Dekirk has also stated that he does not have nor has he ever seen the photos Dickinson has alleged to be in his possession.