The Will County Coroner will perform an autopsy of the victims of the murder-suicide at 503 Whitley in Joliet where tragically 4 people were found deceased.

Joliet police officers arrived on scene on Wednesday night at approximately 10:19pm, and found a male, female, and two young children deceased on the second story of the residence. Detectives will announce their results of the investigation.

The Will County Coroner’s Office has announced the names of the four dead. The two adults are 28-year-old Jacquelon Gaskin and Brandyn Lee, 34-year-old. The two children are 6-year-old Gianna Lee and 1-year-old Giovanni Lee.

WJOL has learned that the two children killed are the great-grandchildren of Former Will County Board Speaker Herb Brooks. Brooks was also the grandfather to Jacquelon Gaskin.