Joliet Police To Issue Citations On Homeless Panhandling In the Middle of Traffic

The Joliet Police department is looking to stop a dangerous situation at area intersections. Joliet Police Chief Bill Evans joined the Scott Slocum Show on WJOL and says beginning this weekend, the department will start issuing citations to panhandlers in the street. Evans says they’re not cracking down on panhandlers per se, just those in the roadway. Panhandling is not an illegal act according to the U.S. Supreme Court. But Evans says they don’t have the right to panhandle in the roadway. Evans says it’s a safety issue. There have been accidents reported where motorists have hit those in the roadway.

Some of those intersections they’ll be focusing is on Route 30 near I-55 and Jefferson and Larkin. Evans hopes to discourage motorists who give to panhandlers considering there are other options to help the homeless.

Morningstar mission and Catholic Charities are some ways people can help the homeless.