As a result of President Trump’s continuation of social distancing standards through April 30, the City of Joliet will once again defer the public hearing regarding the NorthPoint Annexation Agreement. This hearing was originally scheduled for March 17 but was continued to April 7 as a result of concerns regarding COVID-19 and gatherings that could become a means to transmit the virus.

The City Council consensus is to continue the NorthPoint public hearing to a later date, still to be determined. With the current concern over public health, the City will be examining options to balance public safety with the need for a critical decision concerning a potential billion-dollar local investment.

The April 7 Council meeting will be held to only conduct normal business. Meeting protocols are being developed to allow for remote public participation in order to foster an open and transparent meeting environment. Protocols for public comment and public participation will be announced on Thursday, April 2 concurrent with the posting of the meeting agenda.