Joliet Professional Pharmacist Suggests Ways To Stay Healthy

Today marks day three of the stay at home order in Illinois with 15 days to go. A reminder you can still get groceries, go to the doctor, pharmacy and get gas. Pharmacist Chad Kodiak from Kodo Care Joliet Professional Pharmacy is urging residents to heed the warning of the stay at home order.  He says everyone needs to listen to the governor’s order and says social distancing is the only thing that can slow down the progression of this disease.

There is information that a malaria drug, chloroquine in combination with other drugs could be effective in combating coronavirus but Kodiak says more testing is needed. He says, “to give false hope is a disservice because there is just not enough information.”

The FDA is yet to approve the use of chloroquine for the virus. Kodiak suggests simple things we can do to help keep our immune system healthy, “make sure we are fully immunized, eating well, sleeping enough, exercising and taking supplements until we know more.”

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