Joliet School District 86 Responds To Rash Of School Fights At Dirksen Jr. High School

A disturbing trend being reporting by parents and students from Dirksen Junior High School in Joliet. WJOL has investigated reports of between three and four fights a week at Dirksen. Some employees within District 86 are not comfortable going to work because of the fights and other student behavior.

WJOL reached out to the district and received a response from the director of communications, Sandy Zalewski, she states, “The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority in Joliet Public Schools. The District has policies and procedures in place to ensure a safe and orderly environment in all District 86 schools. In addition, programs and inventions are in place to teach students how to resolve disputes in a responsible and respectful manner.”

Zalewski goes on to say, “From time to time, students may have disagreements and exchange words. In isolated incidents, these situations may escalate and students may (shove) make contact with each other. The District does not condone this type of inappropriate behavior. If a fight occurs, it is immediately addressed by staff. Parents are called and disciplinary action is taken.”

WJOL has not shared the video of the fight on our website due to privacy concerns for underage students.