Joliet to Conduct Annual Hydrant Testing

The Joliet Fire Department will be entering the second phase of its annual hydrant testing beginning on Monday June 29, 2020.  The testing program will be conducted Monday through Friday, between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.  The hydrant testing will continue for approximately six (6) weeks, depending on the weather.


During Phase II, testing will take place in the following areas of the City:

Station #1 (101 E. Clinton St.)

  • The geographical area bounded by Cleveland St to the North, EJ&E Tracks to the East, I-80to the South, and the Desplaines River to the West 

    Station #7 (125 Houbolt Rd.)

  • The geographical area bounded by Black Rd. to the North, the Infantry Dr to the East, Channahon Rd to the South, and I-55 to the West 

    Station #10 (1599 John D. Paige Dr.)

  • The geographical area bounded by Walker Rd to the North, EJ&E Railroad to the East, Jones Rd to the South, and Arbeiter Rd to the West

The Fire Department will take precautions to reduce the impact of possible rusty water. The City of Joliet will provide a chemical that removes rust from clothes in a washing machine, however, be cautioned that affected clothes must not be dried until they have been properly run through a rinse cycle with the chemical included. The chemical will be available at any Fire Station. For those without transportation, call the Water Department (724-4220) or the Joliet Fire Department (724-3500).