Tuesday night is the big night. The Joliet City Council will officially vote on the future of Northpoint’s Compass Business Park. Northpoint is currently looking for the city reclassify 103 acres located on the south side of Breen Road and one-half mile east of Rowell Avenue in Joliet from residential to light industrial.

The Northpoint development was originally under consideration at the Compass Business Park, a 2,200 acre $1.2 billion development. Current land records show that these 103 acres added to the contiguous property of the Compass Business Park would place this project at 3,000 acres. It was just just last year that the village of Elwood was approached and public debated the logistics park project, which did not move forward after push back from the community on the need for another major development and concerns over increased truck traffic.

A representative from Northpoint, Patrick Robinson, was present at the meeting and did answer sone if the council’s questions. When asked what businesses have expressed interest in the park or have committed to the facility, Robinson stated that Northpoint develops on a speculative basis. Robinson also answered questions regarding road widening around the possible facility and the creation of a committee that would feature the developer, the city and community members that would work together when handling public complaints surrounding the development. Robinson stated that the committee would also be willing to annually publish the committees work for the sake of transparency.

The vote on the future of Northpoint’s development will take place Tuesday night at the Joliet City Council Chambers on West Jefferson at 6:30.