A Joliet Township Supervisor’s attorney is speaking to WJOL after a report from a Chicago TV station accused the supervisor of using taxpayer resources for personal needs. Dan Vera is accused of ordering Joliet Township Road District crews to work on a property that is not owned by the township but owned by Vera himself. CBS 2 Chicago also stated in their report that Vera threatened to fire the road district crews if they refused to work. Joliet Township Attorney Jim Harvey talked to WJOL and he told our Kevin Kollins that Vera ordered no one to work on his property, in fact Harvey tells WJOL that Vera does not have the ability to instruct road crew to do anything.

“This has no factual or legal basis, he couldn’t order those folks to anything even if he wanted to… road district employees are under the control of the road commissioner,” Mr. Harvey told WJOL.

Road workers eventually approached a group called Edgar County Watchdogs to help them come forward speak out on the alleged abuse of funds. Mr. Harvey says that the actually complaint barely mentions Supervisor Vera and when it does, he says its very non specific. He says that the complaint does not even state who did what alleged work at the supervisors property, most of the complaint actually details the Township’s absorption of the East Joliet Lighting District and personnel issues regarding that district within the Township.

You can hear the entire interview Joliet Township Attorney Jim Harvey by clicking here.