Video: Joliet Township High School Board Holds Special Meeting

The Joliet Township High School Board held a special meeting on Tuesday night to listen to community members regarding the recent outbreak of violence in Joliet Township schools. It was late September that WJOL reported that 70 students had been reprimanded in some way regarding violence in Joliet Township. WJOL has also learned that there have been dozens of incidents since that initial report including a video that was recorded last Friday and uploaded to social media. The video showed an administrator attempting to break up a melee in the halls of Joliet West.

The meeting on Tuesday saw a robust  public comment with several reminders throughout that the board would be making no public statement. Several parents spoke about how scared their children are and called for the board to do more to punish those involved in violence. There were also calls for the board to resign in the wake of the recent fighting. Superintendent Dr. Karla Guseman recently released a statement saying that more would be done in stopping the increased violence.