Joliet Township to Decline Grant for Asylum Seekers

WJOL has learned that Joliet Township will be declining a grant from the state of Illinois for asylum seekers. The township secured an $8.6 million grant earlier this month that was set to help asylum seekers.

The grant would have seen the township open and operate three Welcome Centers and one Welcome Clinic. In a statement to the public the township says that it looks forward to working with community partners to help address important issues in the community.

Joliet Township thanks everyone who attended the October 10, 2023 Township Regular Board Meeting to provide their input, and thanks everyone who communicated their opinion to the Township. Many other issues were raised at the meeting beyond the Asylum grant application, and Joliet Township looks forward to working with our community and governmental partners to address those issues. Joliet Township already provides many useful services, and we encourage the public to remain engaged with the Township beyond this issue to help us better serve our residents

Joliet Mayor Terry D’Arcy tells WJOL that he’s pleased the grant has been declined.

We are pleased the Joliet Township Supervisor has decided to withdraw the grant application.  This will allow all governmental and social agencies impacted by this grant time to work together and assist in helping those individuals currently in Will County who need services.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to WJOL for the latest.