Joliet West’s Jaedyn Jumper-Uwumarogie Receives Full Ride to Northwestern University

Joliet West High School proudly announces that senior Jaedyn Jumper-Uwumarogie has been awarded a full scholarship to Northwestern University, marking an outstanding achievement in her academic journey.


Jaedyn’s success stems from her participation in QuestBridge, a prestigious program linking high-achieving seniors demonstrating financial need with scholarships to 50 of the nation’s top colleges. Amidst fierce competition, Jae emerged as one of the 2,242 students selected to receive a full scholarship out of the 20,800 applicants.


Yvette Justice, Joliet West High School College and Career Specialist; School Counselor, Shar Martin; and Drama Instructor, Kristin Blake, encouraged Jaedyn to apply.  “Jae’s accomplishment reflects not only her academic success but is also a testament to her hard work.  We are immensely proud of her and the opportunities that lie ahead at Northwestern,” said Justice.


Jaedyn received the exciting news on December 1, creating a moment of sheer disbelief and joy.   “I was in the little theater when I opened the email. The moment I found out about matching with Northwestern, it was surreal.  My friends and I couldn’t contain our excitement; we screamed with joy.  I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.”


Jaedyn plans to study pre-law and performing arts. She remarks, “The fact that my entire college education will be covered is still sinking in. Northwestern is a dream come true, and the fact that it’s all paid for is just incredible.”

Congratulations, Jae!

JTHS press release