Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges Against Parent in School Confrontation

A Will County Judge has refused to dismiss a disorderly conduct charge against a Will County Sheriff’s Deputy after an incident at his children’s school in December. On December 3rd, Edward Goewey went to St. Mary’s Catholic School after learning that a student had stated that he planned to bring a gun to school. Goewey’s children attended that school, and he did not feel that officials handled the situation appropriately. According to the police report, Goewey argued with school officials, and it was during that argument, that he tapped his right hip. The tapping of the right hip had alarmed one of the school officials who believed the Goewey was indicating he had a firearm. A short time later, Goewey agreed to leave.

The Diocese of Joliet sent a message to parents of St. Mary’s that they had learned of the threat on December 1st and that on December 2nd, “a school counselor spoke with the student who made the threat and determined that no credible threat existed.” The situation also discussed the confrontation with Goewey on December 3rd. A pretrial date has been set for May 23rd.