Kitchen Fire Causes Damage in Plainfield Kitchen

On Thursday, April 1st, just before 4:00 pm a 9-1-1 call was placed to the Plainfield Fire Protection District for a kitchen fire in the 23600 block of Springs Court. The occupants of the apartment had safely escaped when the smoke alarms went off and the fire was extinguished by a single fire sprinkler head. The fire had started in a pan of oil heating on the stove and spread to the microwave and cabinets above the stove before being extinguished by the sprinkler. Firefighters credit the quick thinking of a teenage occupant who made sure everyone heard the alarm, waking up a sleeping sibling and getting everyone out of the apartment and calling 9-1-1. Remember to always stay in the kitchen while cooking on the stovetop, put a lid on small grease fires while turning off the heat and leaving the lid on to cool the pan and smother the fire. Never put water on a grease fire and never try to move or carry a pan on fire.