Larry Walsh Jr. Sickened By Violence At The U.S. Capitol

State Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr., D – Joliet, released the following statement in response to violence in Washington, D.C.:

“As I drove down 53, listening to the events unfold at the U.S. Capitol today on WJOL, I am sad and sickened to the core.  Never, would I ever think to see the day when our democracy would be under assault like we saw today.  My heart goes out to all the first responders, who showed top notch professionalism when faced with today’s unprecedented events as extremists stormed the Capitol, something that has never happened, even during our nation’s Civil War. This is and was not a peaceful protest, this was a violent group of extremists who wanted nothing other than to incite violence, while our President stood by and said nothing.

“Today was supposed to be a day to celebrate Democracy, no matter what party you choose to identify with. There is never a time and place for Americans to behave like this.  I have had both the pleasure and curse to be around politics my entire life.  We need to get back to decency when we disagree, where my constituents who support and those who do not support me, can get together, grab a pizza and beverage at Maury’s for some healthy debate.  As my late father always told me, you will learn a helluva lot from those who do not hold the same beliefs as you, which I have found to be true.  The time for extreme measures of disagreements needs to end and I encourage all my brothers and sisters to join me in starting the healing that we all greatly need right now.”