Do you have a green thumb? Think your lawn is award winning? Nominations are open open for the Neighborhood Hero Award that recognizes Joliet residents with outstanding yards or homes.

Project Acclaim and its partner the City of Joliet are pleased to announce the opening of the 2019 Neighborhood Hero Award Program nomination round. Winners receive a Certificate, celebratory Yard Sign, and recognition at a Joliet City Council meeting.

Project Acclaim’s criteria for Neighborhood Heroes include:

Lawn neat and maintained.

• Horticulture and color such as flowers, shrubs, decorative trees

• Obvious improvements to façade or residence

• Exterior appearance must be in good condition.

• Landscaping must be resident’s own work.

• Garbage cans not visible.

• No artificial flowers

• No signage

Nominations are due Friday June 14, 2019. Nominations must include:

Address of property Brief description of reason for nomination
*Photographs, especially before and after photographs are helpful, but are not required.

Send your nominations to Project Acclaim by:

Email: [email protected]

Mail: Project Acclaim, P.O. Box 3799, Joliet, IL 60434

Hand Deliver: Community Development Department, Joliet City Hall, 150 W. Jefferson Street