Lawsuit Connected to Plainfield Central Hazing Dismissed

A lawsuit claiming that two former Plainfield Central High School football players were sexually assaulted was dismissed earlier this month. The lawsuit alleges that in October of 2019 two freshman football players for Plainfield Central High School claimed to be violated in the locker room by four other members of the team.

The lawsuit also states that coaches were not present in the locker room but were aware that this type of hazing took place around the program. It also alleged that the the school district was not transparent with the investigation of the hazing.

On January 19th a Federal Judge granted the defendants motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The case was dismissed without prejudice which would allow the plaintiffs to refile the lawsuit. The plaintiffs law firm Romanucci & Blandin, LLC tells WJOL “The legal team representing the players who were sexually assaulted in the locker room ‘Code Blue’ will continue to fight for justice for these young men, and is evaluating all legal options at this time.”