The Village of Elwood is suing the City of Joliet, Eastgate Logistics and NorthPoint. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday, June 16th in the Circuit Court of the 12th District in Will County. The 73-point lawsuit asserts that Elwood was virtually left out of the decision making process when the city of Joliet voted to annex land for the NorthPoint Compass Park.

The lawsuit states that it is illegal to talk about an agreement that would impact another municipality’s land. Elwood would be directly impacted by NorthPoint. The village was also denied the opportunity to talk as Elwood Village Administrator Julie Friebele was cut off after 4 minutes when she was reading a proclamation from the village. Elwood resident Julia Coldwater was also cut off after 4 and not allowed to used any visuals. NorthPoint was given over 15 minutes to go through a powerpoint presentation.

The lawsuit also states Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk and Interim City Manager Marty Shanahan changed the rules during the middle of the meeting.