Local Reporter Tells WJOL About a Local Organization’s Possible Misuse of Funds

A local reporter is sharing details regarding possible misuse of funds that went unreported for nearly two years from a local organization that helps special needs children in Will County. Reporter TJ Kremer from the Mokena Messenger wrote the story late last month that highlighted a former employee of the Lincoln Way Special Recreation Association who may have used thousands of dollars from the organization for personal expenses over a four year period.

That led the district to uncover items such as maternity clothes, baby formula and other personal use items were being purchased using district funds. That former employee, Abby Billups, has not been charged with any crime as the Will County Sheriff’s Office, State’s Attorney’s Office and the New Lenox Police have all publicly stated that they are not investigating a current crime. Billips did signed a separation agreement with the association in May of 2018 to return more then $6,500 to the LWSRA but an investigation by current employees and the Mokena Messenger show that it may actually be more then that.

Since 1976 the Lincoln Way Special Recreation Association has provided services to an ever expanding range of those with special needs in the greater Lincoln Way Area.