Lockport City Council To Vote On Developing Over 30 Acres For Housing And Commercial Use

Lockport City Council is expected to vote on a mixed-use concept plan that would see over 30 acres of vacant land developed into housing and commercial use. Lockport City Manager Ben Benson says the Planning and Zoning committee voted unanimously on the concept located at 159th and I-355 this week.

This location has been a longtime in the making according to Benson. It was once meant for Target and Home Depot, who left the site back in 2008 with the market crashed. The land went bankrupt and it took new ownership almost a decade to rebound. Lockport has landed some smaller commercial tenants, like Panera Bread, Chipotle, MOD Pizza, Jersey Mikes, and Crumble Cookie to name a few.

The over 30 acres of land would bring over 200-million dollars in investments to the City of Lockport at 159th and I-355. The Concept Plan will add important commercial uses including a second hotel and a family restaurant as well as two residential communities containing over 300 residential apartments and 110 town homes located along urban neighborhood roads.

The Lockport City Council will consider it January 3, 2024

Bettenhausen Jeep dealership will open this Spring in 2024 to join the existing hotel that opened in 2021.

Click on image below to see view master plan.

Lockport Square artist rendering