Good news for the Lockport Police Department. Positive test results of eight officers who came in contact with someone who had coronavirus at an off duty event turned out negative. Initially the 8 officers who did not have any symptoms, tested positive for coronavirus following a rapid test which gives results in 15 minutes. But after taking the the FDA approved PCR lab test with results in 24-48 hours, the results came back negative.

The City of Lockport spoke with Dr. Patel at Will County Health Department and says the rapid tests are unreliable. The rapid tests should be used if you have symptoms and need treatment quickly to confirm your positive covid case. But if you don’t have any symptoms and come in contact with a a COVID-positive person, Dr. Patel suggests taking the FDA approved PCR Lab Test which takes up to two days for the results.

In all 15 officers were tested, of which 8 eight officers having no symptoms tested positive with the rapid test but later took the PCR lab test and tested negative. Currently, only one of those officer out of 15 tested positive for coronavirus.