Majority Rules In Favor of NorthPoint’s 900 Acres Annexation Now Moves To Fully City Council Vote

The Joliet Plan Commission heard from over a dozen residents opposing the annexation of 900 acres for the Compass Business Park in Joliet including from a Will County resident who says the added truck traffic and worker traffic will create a nightmare scenario.  When interstate backs up on I-80 everyone exits at Route 53 or Richards and says I-80 needs to get fixed first before anymore traffic clogs up I-80.

Stacy Meyers senior counsel for Openlands also spoke at Thursday’s meeting and says “NorthPoint is a serious threat to people’s health and welfare.” Meyers says the project will cost “taxpayers millions to repair and maintain infrastructure.”

The comments fell on deaf ears. The Plan Commission voted to approve 6-2 and it goes to the full City Council vote on December 21st. After the vote, Tom George, NorthPoint Vice President of Acquisitions released a statement saying in part. “that Compass represents a holistic approach that delivers a transportation solution, which incorporates community feedback and provides for a more efficient flow of commerce that will reduce future congestion on local roads and decrease truck miles on nearby highways.”

Below is the YouTube link for the Plan Commission Meeting in Joliet