The Village of Manhattan is trying to get rid of truck traffic and congestion through their downtown area so they are trying to figure out a way to move Rt. 52 to the west, so says WJOL’s Scott Slocum who broke the story this morning.

Mayor Jamie Doyle tells WJOL that he is worried about safety because of a large amount of truck traffic.
Slocum learned that Doyle’s plan turns Cherry Hill Road, near Laraway, into a Rt. 52 bypass, taking traffic west of town down to Hoff Rd., southwest of town and then back to the east reconnecting to Rt. 52 on the southern edge of Manhattan.
State Rep. Anthony DeLuca told WJOL that he is aware of the plan and right now is focusing on keeping Manhattan, IDOT, Will County and the Will County Farm Bureau on the same page so they are all working toward the same goal.
Stay tuned to WJOL for more details.