Manhattan School District 114 Referendum Passes But White Oak Library District Doesn’t

Manhattan School District 114 referendum has passed. Voters marked yes to allow the district to use bond money or a loan of up to $85 million to build a fourth school. The referendum easily got through with 66% voting yes.

The district is using 5 modular buildings for students and by next year it will grow to 11 modulars. In the last 10 years, students population has grown from 1200 to 1900 students and expected to increase over the next 10 years due to housing developments. There are 3 schools and the district would like to build a fourth school. Rusty Ragon Superintendent says your taxes will not go up.


For the 7th time the White Oak Library District’s referendum was rejected. The library district wanted its voters to approve a tax increase, the first since 1929 but the referendum was rejected again. White Oak Library district includes libraries in Crest Hill, Lockport and Romeoville.


Troy Fire Protection District referendum rejected. The tax increase would have paid for new equipment.

And Oswego Fire Protection referendum resoundingly was rejected by voters, 80% to 19%.

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