Manley Continues Efforts to Support Educators, Meets with School Board Officials

Recognizing the important role that school boards play in the education of children across Illinois, state Rep. Natalie Manley, D-Joliet, attended the Illinois Association of School Boards’ (IASB) Legislative Breakfast. At the event, Manley joined other local elected officials in discussing issues that affect the public education system and the ways that state government can help local school districts better educate students. The topics addressed included how to improve teacher recruitment and retention, how to increase safety in schools, state funding of school districts, and infrastructure improvements for schools.

“When it comes to educating our children, it is critical that we are all working in lockstep, from elected officials, to school administrators, to the teachers in the classroom,” said Manley. “While we have made considerable progress towards improving the quality of education in our community, there are still a number of challenges that school districts face. Finding solutions to these problems and removing barriers that prevent our children from receiving the best education possible will require coordination from state and local government officials across Illinois. I would like to thank the Illinois Association of School Boards for hosting this breakfast and bringing together local school board officials and state legislators to work towards the common goal of educating our children.”