Investigation Underway After Fight at Local Hospital Following Death of Six-Month Old Baby

A Friday night melee erupts at Silver Cross Hospital after a 6-month old baby girl was brought in unresponsive.  The baby was brought to the hospital from Tinley Park. New Lenox Police Chief April DiSandro says they were called to the scene at about 8:30 p.m. when family members became violent.

The baby died at the hospital. Eight family members brought the baby to the hospital unresponsive, then a separate large group of family members arrived and exchanged words. Eventually the exchange became physical when several families members tried to remove the other individuals who had arrived at the Emergency Room. One of them holding a crowbar threatened a security guard. The guard suffered minor injuries. There are also reports that a vehicle was rammed in the hospital parking lot in connection with the melee. DCFS was involved with the care of the child and has announced that they will also be conducting an investigation into the death of the child. The infant was in the care of a Foster mother at the time of the incident.

Following the melee, two people were arrested, including a juvenile from Tinley Park and an 18-year old, Antrone Dean of Chicago.

Tinley Park Police and the Will County Coroner’s Office will also be investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the infant and have stated that no further information is available at this time.