Members of minority communities demand to put a stop to HB 3437

More than 100 Leaders of the construction industry, faith- and community-based organizations will rally outside state Sen. Mike Hastings’ office urging him not to call House Bill 3437 for a vote. The rally in Frankfort will take place this morning at 10 a.m. The group says HB3437 would destroy workforce development training programs designed to create a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline to meet industry demands for skilled craft workers.

If enacted, HB 3437 would prevent merit shop construction firms from hiring graduates from these programs because of the provisions in the bill requiring government-mandated wages. The unions are exempt from the provisions in the bill that require reporting their apprenticeship diversity numbers to the Illinois Department of Labor.

Touted as increasing safety in high-hazard facilities and ethanol plants, the bill includes unprecedented, government-mandated wage requirements for private facilities and other provisions in the name of supporting diversity.

Opponents to the bill include The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Associated Builders and Contractors, Project H.O.O.D, Little Village Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement and Illinois Black Contractors, and others from black and brown communities who provide training for job opportunities in the construction industry.