Micro Pantry Installed at Joliet Township Government’s Ozzie & Peggy Mitchell Center to Combat Food Insecurity

In a move to address food insecurity within underserved communities, a micro pantry was installed at the Joliet Township Government’s Ozzie & Peggy Mitchell Center on Thursday morning, March 21, 2024. This initiative aims to provide accessible food options to those in need, particularly in areas lacking nearby grocery stores, creating what is commonly known as food deserts. 

Micro Pantry Installed at Joliet Township Government’s Ozzie & Peggy Mitchell Center

Micro pantries are small structures where individuals or groups can leave or take food as needed. This system operates anonymously and is open to all members of the community 24 hours a day. Other micro pantries can be found at various locations throughout the Joliet area and beyond, including the Joliet Township Offices on 175 W Jefferson St Joliet, IL 60435

Supported by a collaborative effort involving various organizations and individuals, Joliet 

Township Government’s latest micro pantry was made possible in collaboration with the ARISE

Coalition Activating Relationships in Illinois for Systemic Equity (ARISE), Holstein Human Capital Development (HHDC), National Hookup of Black Women (NHBW), Warehouse Workers for Justice (WWJ), Will County Health Department & Community Health Center, Jeff Eberhard, Easy Auto Sales and Guardian Group. This initiative aims to alleviate the immediate food needs

of underserved communities.

The micro pantry installation is also part of the broader efforts of Joliet Township Government’s Violence Prevention Program, including Peace Over Violence (POV) and the Racial Equity Impact Assessment League (REIAL). Peace Over Violence (POV) is a vital component of the center’s 

activities, providing support and intervention for individuals and families affected by gun

violence. Meanwhile, the REIAL, spearheaded by Joliet Township’s Violence Prevention Council Coordinator, focuses on collaborative efforts to prevent violence and promote equity within the community

People can pick up or donate shelf-stable food at the micro pantry at the Ozzie and Peggy Mitchell Center (formerly the Peter Claver Center) on 172 S Chicago St, Joliet, IL 60433. Funds for these local micro pantries, which each cost over $1,000 to make, have been raised through the Guardian Group’s website https://www.micropantries.net/. For those willing to contribute, donations can be made through the website. 

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