Micro Preemie Born Six Months Ago At Silver Cross Hospital Goes Home This Week

The day after Mother’s day the youngest baby born at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox goes home for the first time since November.

Baby Nyla
Baby Nyla

Nyla Brooke Haywood was born November 17th, 2023 at 22 weeks and 3 days, weighing 1.1 pound and measuring 11 inches long, got a triumphant send-off parade on Monday, May 13th from the New Lenox hospital.

Mom Nakeya spoke with WJOL and says her baby was miracle and she says that “miracles do exist and God wanted everyone to know that miracles exist.”

Baby Nyla left the Amy, Matthew and Jay Vana Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with first-time parents Nakeya and Cory of Joliet. Baby Nyla now weighs nearly 10 pounds. She is the youngest preemie Silver Cross Hospital NICU and staff are calling her a miracle baby.

Silver Cross opened the first and only NICU in Will County in July 2022.