The Minooka Community High School Board President says rumors regarding racism allegations against a member of the school board are false. Board President Mike Brozovich sent a letter to parents last night following a passionate and packed school board meeting at the high school auditorium. Hundreds of former and current students attended Tuesday night’s meeting to speak out against the departure of their beloved principal Ron Kiesewetter. The students claim a school board member made a racist remark, and Kiesewetter spoke out against the member. Brozovich says not only are the rumors false, the resignation of Kiesewetter was mutual.

Statement released to parents below:



Mission: To inspire and motivate our students with an educational experience that leads to achievement and success.

May 21, 2019


Opening Statement by Board President Mike Brozovich

Good Evening,

I would like to begin this meeting by sharing a few things that the Board of Education feels is important for you to know.

Mr. Kiesewetter and the Board of Education entered into a mutual agreement last Thursday, May

16, 2019. This means that Mr. Kiesewetter submitted a letter of resignation at that time. He is currently utilizing vacation time throughout the remainder of this school year. Again, this was a mutual decision and we wish Mr. Kiesewetter well in his new endeavors. The position of MCHS

principal has been posted and we hope to have a new principal in place prior to July 1st 2019.

There are many rumors out there concerning the resignation of Mr. Kiesewetter. I assure you, that these rumors are false. I can tell you that the board would never act against any employee for opposing racism. I can also tell you that I do not believe that any member of the Board is racist against anyone. As a Board of Education, we oppose racism, and welcome a diverse staff, keeping in mind that we want the most qualified teachers we can find in the best interest of all of our students. The Board of Education, in support of these beliefs, has adopted Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment policies, which demonstrates our commitment to diversity.

The resignation of Mr. Kiesewetter has no relation to any other personnel. We have heard many rumors about retaliation and other staff involved. Those rumors are just that, rumors.

With that being said, we will not provide any further personnel related information. We, like most other school districts, do not share personnel information. This is for the benefit of the district and the personnel involved. As noted earlier, we simply worked out a needed change with Mr. Kiesewetter in the best interest of both parties. To the extent that other groups may believe that they know why this is taking place, they simply do not. There has been a lot of inflammatory social media on this matter, I ask that you keep your comments professional and courteous to our Board and fellow elected officials.

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