Minooka Man Arrested For Public Indecency

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A Minooka man was arrested in Joliet for public indecency. Joliet Police Deputy Chief Ed Gregory tells WJOL that 34 year old Clifton Mason was noticed sitting in a van with his pants down. A 55 year old female was earlier approached by Mason. The woman noticed him in the van performing a lewd act and took out her cell phone and started recording him. Mason fled but was later located by Joliet police at the Motel 6 on McDonnough.

Officers remembered a similar situation in the 4100 block of Olympic Blvd in August. Mason allegedly made lewd remarks to a female truck driver. She also noticed him naked in his vehicle. The truck driver took down the license plate and officers investigated but could not find the vehicle but learned the name of the driver. Clifton Mason was charged with two counts of public indecency.



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