More Vaccines Coming To Illinois Plus Will County Steps In To Help Health Department

Illinois has vaccinated 2.32% of the state’s population. Illinois has 2.1 million COVID-19 vaccines, and 1.3 million have been administered. On Thursday, the federal government will begin delivering a million doses to 65-hundred pharmacies across the country — eventually, that number will increase to 40-thousand.

The Will County Board will hold a special session and vote today to give the Will County Health Department $1.6 million to help set up a COVID-19 hotline for answering questions about the disease, testing and vaccines. Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant says the call center would be a 6 month contract and would hire 25 full time employees. Executive Bertino-Tarrant tells WJOL that the County Board will address other issues like public relations and medical supplies at the executive board meeting.